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Where are the Adirondack Park Agency appointments?

The Adirondack Park Agency’s headquarters in Ray Brook

Where are the Adirondack Park Agency appointments?

Before lawmakers left Albany just over a week ago, state senators accepted a handful of appointments made by Gov. Kathy Hochul to some Adirondack Park-area boards. The Lake George Park Commission received four appointments and the Olympic Regional Development Authority received one.

But the Adirondack Park Agency, which oversees public and private development in the 6-million-acre park, did not get any appointments this year, despite a long-vacant seat and three board members sitting on expired seats. Two more appointments will also be expired after this month.

In June 2022, terms expired for both in-park board member Mark Hall and out-of-park board member Ken Lynch.

In January 2023, in-park board member Andrea Hogan resigned from her seat. Hochul has not yet filled it. In June 2023, in-park board member Dan Wilt’s term expired.

At the end of this month, the terms will expire for in-park board member Zoë Smith and out-of-park board member Benita Law-Diao.

Chairman John Ernst’s term expires next summer, as does board member Art Lussi’s term.

So far, no board members have signaled they’ll leave.

At the Lake George Park Commission, the Senate confirmed four of Hochul’s appointments: Thomas Jarrett, Michelle Jebb, C. Walter Lender and Jeffrey Zappieri.

At ORDA, the Senate confirmed Hochul’s appointment of Jennifer Holderied.

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  1. Boreas says:

    Not good.

  2. Bill Keller says:

    Let’s all write the governor and suggest Peter Bauer fill the vacant seat.

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