Thursday, July 4, 2024

Bushwhack Boost

Man bushwhacking

Daria guided our bushwhack team:
first Haystack Trail, then right at the stream
and into the woods – after taking our bearing.
With compasses out, we bushwhacked, comparing
our readings and keeping our foursome on track.

Our confidence grew, we were getting the knack
of matching the lines on the map to the land.
A bushwhack is tricky. But ours went as planned:
to your map reading add in the declination
and follow that course to your destination.
The knuckles on Hennessey Mount were our aim
and we reached them and took in the views, and then came
down the mountain again, and again found the stream
and shook hands all around. We had been a good team.
The walk on the trail to get back to the cars
was merely pro forma. We’d raised our skill bar.
Thanks to Daria now we’re all ready for more.
Our First Bushwhack – Done! (Bearing: 94.)

Wikimedia Commons photo.

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Even after thirty years as a language teacher, Joe Carosella still firmly believes that Every Day Is a Beautiful Day. He hikes avidly in the Adirondacks and the UK, loves nature, ice cream, travel, languages, and words in general, and spends a lot of time writing poetry and reading. His poems have appeared in Adirondac and Ridgeline. [Instagram: josephaicarosella]

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  1. Larry Orvis says:

    I have always preferred hiking off the beaten path as you find more things to observe and store in your memory bank. You never know what you might find and learn about the forest in any given area.

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