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Paddling on a Very Blustery Day

Canoeing on a lake

When one is away for a significant amount of time, familiar places are appreciated with new eyes.

There is little question that having a secluded waterway a few steps from one’s door is a great blessing. Even when the wind is blowing a little harder than a spoiled paddler might like, the water calls.

Once in the canoe paddling upwind, shoulders began to protest. “Shut up, sinews. The fabled Dave L. would never let a little discomfort dissuade him from paddling.”

Ice and snow on a lake

The fabled Dave L. paddles a few days earlier. 

But a little further into the journey, discomforts and responsibilities are forgotten. There is too much of interest along the way to be distracted by small pains.

Hemlock tree branches

Healthy hemlocks show lighter-colored growth at the tips of branches. 

It’s always time to be on the alert for invasive species. New growth on the hemlocks is an indication that the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid has not infested. With upwards of half the trees in the area being hemlocks, this deadly pest will be a disaster if not detected and eradicated.

Butterfly on a flower

The author took this photo after the butterfly signed the release form.

Thankfully not every moment needs to be spent monitoring invasive species. Is this a wild rhododendron that has drawn the attention of the tiger swallowtail? Please help, taxonomists.

pitcher plant

Pitcher plant.

Is that really a pitcher plant flower or is it a tongue licking the greenery?

There were no human sightings on the trip, but ample signs that people inhabit the area.

Top of a house

Photo through the trees.

What is this? It’s hard to tell what is happening on this roof, but one has to hope the owner has the good sense to supervise from the ground as young people do whatever the work may be.

House in lake

Dish alignment may be an issue.

Marshy part of a lake

“What’s that over yonder?” 

It appears a walkway through the cattails is in progress. Hopefully, not too much attention is being paid to leveling construction. We’re often not on the level ‘round here.

Cat tails in a lake

Not quite finished. 

The spillway is functioning nicely as designed. It’s a 100-year-old dam delight.

After inspecting the flashboards, it was nap time. Thankfully, the wind pushed the canoe homeward.

Man's head

Photo by the photo-somnambulist author.

Briefly waking, the author spied a medium-sized log that blinked its eyes and submerged when he got closer. This behavior was more like that of a large snapping turtle than a medium log.

Lake water

A photo of exactly where the turtle had been.

Bird house

The swallows made appearances but refused to pose at their condo for a photo.

Canada goose family

A family outing.

beaver markings on a tree

The beaver has been characteristically busy. 


Finally, a ferns-in-“flower” photo.

Then back to the dock. Time for a nap.

Empty hammock on a porch

Often contemplated but rarely occupied.

map of a trip

Image of the trek. The ripples on the water due to the west wind are missing.

It’s good to see home.

Photo at top: Wind-at-the-back photo of home by the author.

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Randy Fredlund enjoys hiking, paddling, and taking pictures of the area around his camp on Stewarts Landing. He is happiest when breathing Adirondack air.

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