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Allison Rooney

Allison Rooney is a resident of Keene, NY. When she’s not busy co-managing her business with her partner as caretakers, she can be found rock climbing or skiing. Allison is also part of the DEC High Angle Search and Rescue team and the Vice President of the Adirondack Climber’s Coalition, an advocacy organization for responsible rock and ice climbing.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

High Peaks Etiquette: Downhill Skiers and Bare-Booters

Allison Rooney skiing in the High Peaks Wilderness by Bill SchneiderEvery winter there are conflicts between backcountry hikers and skiers. While skiing I try my best to educate hikers on the trail, but it isn’t a time when people tend to be very receptive.

I realize there are many hikers who are naïve to the world of backcountry skiing. While there are those who will never alter their behavior, I believe that with considerate education most will realize that there are a few simple things they can do that will improve trail use for all users.

I thought a quick summary of the backcountry downhill skiing situation in the High Peaks Wilderness in particular might be helpful. » Continue Reading.

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