Almanack Contributor George Locker and Peter Brownsey

George Locker and Peter Brownsey

Peter Brownsey is a former heating oil dealer from the Albany area who collects early books and maps of the Adirondacks. Peter lives near the Five Ponds Wilderness. George Locker owns the Great Adirondack Map Company and loves to explore the Five Ponds Wilderness.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Mystery Map of the Adirondacks

1863 - resizedOne of the wonderful ways to study the gradual settlement of the Adirondacks is to study its early 19th century maps, especially the locally-surveyed county maps, maps of real and proposed railroads, and a great variety of state maps.

In most all cases, while the maps themselves may be obscure, or hard to find – and for some sections of the Adirondacks, incomplete or inaccurate – their principal authors are well known. A map that does not name its creator is about as common as a book that does not name its author. Yet, we came upon just such an Adirondack map. » Continue Reading.

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