Almanack Contributor Michale Glennon

Michale Glennon

Michale Glennon is the Science Director for the Wildlife Conservation Society Adirondack Program. She is an Adirondack native and has worked for WCS since 2003. Michale has long been engaged in research related to fundamental questions of land use management in the park and their consequences for wildlife and people. You can follow the WCS Adirondack Program on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and at 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Michale Glennon: A Slow Loss of Northern Forest Icons

Bloomingdale Bog In our work, most studies last one to three years; we find a problem, a way to examine it, and we report our findings. Rarely do we have the chance to connect with the naturalists of old and observe just to observe.

In the bogs and cold forests of the Adirondacks, I have had the chance to do just that. In 2007, WCS was awarded a New York State Wildlife Grant to embark on a project that we as biologists rarely have the luxury of doing these days, and that is the old-fashioned collection of baseline data. This sort of work is important, but it is increasingly hard to convince funders of its importance.

We were not testing a hypothesis or exploring a cause-effect relationship; our aim was just to gather information on the distribution and abundance of a group of fairly specialized peatland-associated birds that most people are unaware of and fewer get a chance to see. » Continue Reading.