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Neil Luckhurst is the vice-president of the ADK High Peaks Foundation and helps run the ADK High peaks web forum. An avid off-trail hiker Neil has climbed 140 different peaks by bushwhack including the 46 high peaks and has also climbed more than 40 slides. In the winter of 2013-14 he hiked the 46 high peaks in 10 days (Project 46 blog) and in doing so raised more than $16,000 for the Foundation. When not hiking he lives in Montreal and runs his chiropractic office.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Neil Luckhurst: Climbing Basin’s East Face

IMG_6802My friend (who goes by the nick-name NangaParbat) and I descended the well-known cliffs of Saddleback and shortly thereafter cut left into the woods. Within 10 minutes we found ourselves out in the open with huge views on the Saddleback South slide. This must be a very old landslide because the once-exposed rock is now mostly covered in moss. Small trees are beginning to grow in. Lower down on the slide the water flow increases and the rock slab is exposed but we found it to be very slippery and stuck well to the edges.

Over to our right was Basin’s East Face, our ultimate destination. In between the slide and Basin lies a most impressive feature that I know as “Big Pink”, which is a huge, bare slab of pinkish smooth rock.   We walked along the 60 degree base of Big Pink and then we picked up the drainage that runs down from the East Face of Basin. » Continue Reading.

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