Almanack Contributor Richard Tucker

Richard Tucker

Richard Tucker was born and raised in Brighton, Franklin County.  He has a particular interest in the history of Adirondack outdoor recreation and the potato industry in Northern New York. He is a senior editor of "An Adirondack Chronology" and the progenitor of "A Potato Chronology" and "A Potato Glossary".  For several years, he was chair of the Adirondack Research Library, now of Union College.  His writing has appeared in publications such as American Alpine Journal, Canadian Alpine Journal, Journal of the New England Ski Museum, among others.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Julian Reiss’s Missing Airplane Engine

Julian Reiss Airplane Wreckage (Peter Reiss Photo)

Julian Reiss’s plane crash on the evening of Halloween 1958 remains one of the more unusual in the Adirondacks. While most Adirondack plane crashes involve Forest Rangers, State Police, and many civilian volunteers, this one was different. This search was over almost before it got started when the ‘victims’ walked out of the woods the next day. Shortly thereafter, the Lake Placid village police, the NY State Police and its investigation division, the BCI, became involved.

Earlier that day Reiss had picked up his plane in Norwood, MA, where it had gotten a new engine and a thorough checkout. He then flew to Immaculata College in Malvern, PA, where he landed on the front lawn to pick up his daughter Patti before heading home to Lake Placid. He stopped for fuel in Warren County and continued homeward. Around 6 pm he flew into a violent cold front with squally winds, rain, sleet and snow flurries. » Continue Reading.

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