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Spencer Morrissey

Spencer Morrissey is an Adirondack native who lives and works in the Park. He is as a recreational consultant, outdoor writer, and licensed guide. Spencer is a 5-time 46er and a winter 46er and is believed to be the second person to ever bushwhack all 46 of the High Peaks. He is also a fire-tower challenger completer, a finisher of the Adirondack 100-highest, and is in the pursuit of climbing all the named peaks in the Adirondack Park (currently at 780 of 1740). Spencer is the author of The Other 54, Adirondack Trail Runner, and Adirondack Trail Skier.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

3 Adirondack Snowshoe Trips

Santoni_range-1Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks has a long history. Originally a means of travel, it is now a popular recreational pastime. The French called snowshoes raquettes because the paddle-shaped contraptions of earlier times resembled rackets. They were used by hunters and trappers.

Today’s snowshoes are more rugged and lightweight than the wooden raquettes of yore. They’re usually made of aluminum, plastic, and nylon and come equipped with crampons that allow us to climb over ice, bare rock, and deep snow — that is, almost anywhere except up a tree. » Continue Reading.

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