Almanack Contributor Zach Hirsch

Zach Hirsch

Zach Hirsch reports on Plattsburgh and the Champlain Valley for North Country Public Radio. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Vermont.

Zach's work has also aired on NPR's All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Public Radio Remix, the HowSound podcast, WFUV, and New Hampshire Public Radio.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Local Ski Hills: Beartown Ski Area

Beartown Ski Resort - Photo Zach HirschThe City of Plattsburgh is one of the busiest places in the North Country. There’s a mall, stores like Walmart and Target, and four Chinese food restaurants right in a row.

But just ten minutes away, it’s another world: barns, fields. And tucked behind it all: Beartown Ski Area. It is 99 acres in all, but the downhill skiing part is just a small fraction of that. There are two little slopes, a couple of side trails, and a trick park for snowboarders. » Continue Reading.