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The Adirondack Almanack is a community resource serving anybody with an interest in the Adirondack Park. Since it was founded in 2005 the site has given voice to citizens, advocates and journalists writing about issues they find compelling.

Almanack posts could be about public policy or recreation, history or food. What ties them together is a passion for Adirondack living, a drive to communicate and an openness to spirited discussion. The Almanack has given birth to a digital Adirondack community that can’t be found anywhere else.

In 2014, the Almanack became part of the Adirondack Explorer, the nonprofit bimonthly magazine dedicated to enhancing understanding of the Adirondack Park’s unique value and also its vulnerability. The Explorer is a nonprofit organization and must raise through contributions a substantial portion of the budget for the Almanack as well as the magazine.

Support from friends like you will allow us to continue bringing the Almanack to you without a subscription charge. Please consider making a sustaining gift that renews monthly. Or if you prefer, you may make a one-time contribution.

Donations made through the Adirondack Almanack are tax-deductible and are dedicated to the Almanack’s operation.

As our special thank you, if you contribute $150 or more you will receive your choice of one of our three hiking guides!


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