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Monday, March 7, 2022

Champ to get top billing in ‘Lucy and the Lake Monster’ film

Crown Point native Kelly Tabor, a fourth grade school teacher, and Hollywood producer/director Richard Rossi launched an are planning a ¬†feature film and book series “Lucy and the Lake Monster.”
“The [children’s] film and book series tell the story of a 9 year-old orphan girl and her grandpa searching for a sea serpent in Lake Champlain,” Richard Rossi said.¬† “They battle bullies, naysayers, and mercenary forces seeking to exploit them.¬† Their search is an allegory for humanity’s spiritual search.”
Rossi’s prior feature films as a writer-director include last year’s “Canaan Land” and biopics about baseball icon Roberto Clemente and fabled female evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson.
“For me, growing up in Crown Point was magical,” Kelly Tabor said. “Hearing stories of our legendary, Champ, captivated my interest as I swam and explored the shorelines and waters of Lake Champlain. As a teacher, I later took those stories and experiences I had with me into the classroom and shared them with hundreds of students over the years, peaking their interest.”

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