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Saturday, July 10, 2021

DEC Proposes Amendment to Fisher and Marten Trapping Regulations

fisher in the snowAfter DEC completed the New York State Fisher Management Plan (PDF) in 2016, we adopted regulations to revise the fisher trapping season in some regions and open new fisher trapping opportunities in others.

The adopted regulations also required a free special permit for all fisher trapping. The special permit allowed DEC biologists to collect biological data on harvested fisher and trapping effort data, information necessary to ensure sustainable harvest opportunities for this popular furbearer.

After five seasons of data collection, sufficient information on harvest pressure and take has been collected such that the special permit is no longer needed. The information from trapping activity logs, fisher carcasses, and field surveys in areas open to fisher harvest all confirm that fisher are abundant and current harvest opportunities are sustainable.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

American martens: ‘Ambassador to all things wild’

martenThe American Marten is a truly enigmatic ambassador to all things wild. Sightings of these large members of the weasel family will brighten any family camping trip or bring a flash of raw wilderness while exploring the backcountry.  

Amazingly there are actually two types of Marten in North America. “Martes Americana” – which is what we see on the Adirondacks and most of the mountainous parts of the northeastern United States and across Canada and also “Martes Caurina” who lives in the far Western parts of Canada and in the US Rockies as well as parts of California and Oregon.  

While exploring Mother Nature over the many years we have been lucky enough to have seen both varieties in the wild although, Martes Caurina was a single and very brief but very close encounter. My wife Anne (who’s Marten Americana images are included with this article) and I were exploring the Rockies, actually looking for Grizzlies to film.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Changes for Fisher, Marten, and Bobcat Seasons

DEC LogoFurbearer trapping will begin soon in many parts of New York State, following changes to fisher and marten trapping seasons, as well as changes to some general trapping regulations and expanded hunting for bobcat.

While coyote hunting season began October 1 in much the state, hunting seasons for other furbearers such as bobcat, raccoon, and fox begins October 25. Trappers should be aware of changes to trapping regulations for fisher beginning this fall, including: » Continue Reading.

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