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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Sharing Cliffs with Peregrine Falcons

peregrine falconThe stunning cliffs of the Adirondacks are home to many things—billion-year-old rocks, a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts, and a fragile but growing population of the endangered peregrine falcon. For Adirondack rock climbers, this means sharing cliffs with the birds that build their nests high on a wall.

By 1960, the use of pesticides had reduced the breeding population of peregrines in the Adirondacks to zero. Since then, New York State has taken great efforts to provide protection for the endangered species, while they establish themselves in the Adirondacks once again.

Nesting between 20 and 200 feet above the ground and waterways below, peregrines use their keen eyesight to locate and dive on their prey. As they approach the ground, these nimble birds can reach speeds close to 200 mph, snatch their prey, and pull back up towards the sky. Peregrines have been recorded living up to 12 years, though the average life expectancy is around six. This lifespan allows the birds to return to their same nest site (known as an eyrie) year after year, making it even more important to take extra care to tread lightly in their breeding ground.

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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Recreation Highlight: Protect the Peregrines, Rock Climbing Closures in the ADKs

Climber scales a rock

The elusive and endangered Peregrine Falcon calls the craggy cliffs and mountainsides of the Adirondacks its home. Peregrines dive at incredible speeds and can be seen sailing along the sides of high rock faces throughout the early summer. The fascinating birds are monogamous, have long lifespans, and often return to the same nests year after year with their chosen partner.

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Monday, October 28, 2019

NYS Endangered List Changes Would Remove Cougars, Wolves, More

bald eagleThe New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is planning to amend state regulations and designations for protecting endangered and threatened species across the state. DEC’s proposal would remove 19 species from the state’s endangered and threatened species list.

The Eastern cougar is proposed for removal from the list, due to its extinction in New York State. The grey wolf would also be removed, and renamed simply wolf, signifying new understandings of that species based on recent DNA studies. » Continue Reading.

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