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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Songbirds compete with strutting turkeys at feeders

Falls at Bug Lake

Well, we finally had a week of winter (all at the same time) and even got the snowmobilers out and about until they wore it down to dirt on most of the trails. Many folks to the south of us in the Capital District got ice at the end of the snowstorm, which took down many powerlines, putting many out of power for a couple of days…and some longer. In most places, the temperature got into the single digits and didn’t get above freezing during daylight hours.

Ice was out of many lakes and with these cold temperatures along with the snow that cooled down the surface water temperatures, they all refroze. As of today, March 26, most are still covered with ice and the only open water is in the Moose River and the channel in Inlet where lots of waterfowl moved to find food. I had a Belted Kingfisher over my frozen pond just before the storm, and he wasn’t going to catch any fish there. I did find some Mallards in the beaver ponds on the outlet of Eighth Lake.

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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Birds are heading north, indoor plants growing like gang busters

Blue birds at the feeder

Winter is making a late attempt to be winter white this week, but it is too late as my daffodils are about to bloom. This snow will insulate them from the cold for a few days, but with a few sunny days, they will be in bloom. The hiking on many trails has been very icy and now with that snow cover, it makes it even more dangerous and slippery.

A pair of spikes does help, and I have worn mine on a few hikes locally. They have not tripped me up too much, but I did take a dip on the lower side of a beaver dam I was crossing…which was quite chilling. That ended that day’s hike as I took on a little water in each boot, filled my left side pockets, and one mitten. No one was watching except for a couple of mallards who were laughing at me as they flew away.

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