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Friday, July 5, 2024

Utilizing a canoe, net, and helping hands to save loon in Boonville Park Pond

Hidden loon nest

I was about to float the Ark this morning, June 30, the way it rained during the night. We had an inch in the gauge by the end of Saturday, so there were some wet campers. Then, the real downpours started and didn’t end until the middle of the night. This gave us another two and three-quarters inches, which brought up water levels that the Loons couldn’t keep up with.

I watched the pair on Fifth Lake fighting to save their nest during the beginning of the week when the Water Regulating Board opened the gates on the Sixth Lake Dam. The pair kept the eggs above water that time, but I think they got chilled a week earlier and they are more than a week overdue hatching. This is their second year trying to nest there, which filled in the last lake in the Fulton Chain to have loons nesting. They have been nesting on Eighth Lake for three years now. I don’t know how their nest made out or if they kept their eggs above water.

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Saturday, November 12, 2022

DEC: Fall for Nest Boxes

Birdhouses are a simple addition to your yard that can provide nesting places for many kinds of birds and weeks of wildlife-watching opportunities. Cavity-nesters, like tree swallows, house wrens, blackcapped chickadees, Eastern bluebirds, wood ducks, and American kestrels, all use nest boxes. The type of birds you might attract depends on the size of the box and the nearby habitat; some birds prefer open fields while others prefer forests or wetlands.

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