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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Kudos to Citizen Advocates for calling out dangers of vaping


The Heart Network’s work is based on community partnerships and collaborations — and when we see another organization take a stance that aligns with us, we make sure to call them out and share our appreciation.

In August, Citizen Advocates used its platform to share information about the dangers of e-cigarettes. Culling information from the Centers for Disease Control, the piece notes that over the course of six years, e-cigarette sales increased by some 122 percent. As they are marketed as a “safer” alternative to smoking, they appeal to youth, children and young adults — of particular concern is their popularity among teenagers.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Healthy Heart Network heralds changes to cigarette sales

the North Country Healthy Heart Network is heralding the end of sales of flavored e-cigarettes and tobacco in New York State pharmacies.

The decision was made in a new law passed as part of the state’s 2021 budget, making New York the second state in the nation to end the sale of these products in pharmacies.

“These historic measures will help many New Yorkers live free from nicotine addiction and improve public health, we know that flavored e-cigarettes attract kids and teens, leading to nicotine addiction and related health problems. Additionally, selling tobacco products in pharmacies has long sent a contradictory message to consumers — pharmacies carry medicine and products often meant to heal individuals who are unhealthy due to the use of tobacco products,” said Ann Morgan, the executive director of the North Country Healthy Heart Network in a news release.

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