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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Early Birds

Little girl stands in front of a pond

It’s been a mild winter…Record setting in fact. The snow melted early, tree buds are peeking, runoff streams are running full bore, and our waterfowl breeding pond ice is already out. This March air certainly has a spring feel.  I sure hope this year’s nesting birds don’t get April-fooled by a frozen blast of late season snow.

To read my granddaughter, Ari Rae’s, early bird duck report, click the link & read on. 

Photo at top: Outlaw Ari Rae. Photo by Dick Monroe.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

DEC: Fall for Nest Boxes

Birdhouses are a simple addition to your yard that can provide nesting places for many kinds of birds and weeks of wildlife-watching opportunities. Cavity-nesters, like tree swallows, house wrens, blackcapped chickadees, Eastern bluebirds, wood ducks, and American kestrels, all use nest boxes. The type of birds you might attract depends on the size of the box and the nearby habitat; some birds prefer open fields while others prefer forests or wetlands.

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