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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Wildlife sightings out west: Bears, bison, coyotes, mountain goats, moose, deer and elk



Arrived back in the Adirondacks today [Monday, July 3] after two days of being driven from West Yellowstone to Webster (and another four hours to get home from there today.) Made a stop at the Remsen bog on the way here and some of the showy lady’s slippers were still out. [I] also stopped to check on some of my Loons along the way. Some were still sitting, and others had hatched their chicks and were on the water with their young. So, if you are out and about on the water and see a family of Loons, give them some space and take pictures with a long lens.

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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Go West, Young Man: Trip to Yellowstone National Park


Here we go into Yellowstone [National] Park from the west entrance for the third time. Many adventures have occurred on [the days leading up to] our family adventures westward. I’ll fill [those] in as we traveled west in my next couple adventures. Here, we just went from Montana into Wyoming going into the park. We think we live in resort towns in the Adirondacks, but our motel (the Three Bears Inn) has more than four hundred units, which were all full.

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